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The Heritage Town of York, Western Australia

By on Nov 25, 2009 in Western Australia | 0 comments

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Mmmmm Yorkie, an English chocolate bar that is so manly and full on that it even promotes on its packaging that “it’s not for girls”. How it managed to survive in this new age of gender equality I have no idea, but its bloody good chocolate. This leads me into Week 3 and a trip to the heritage town of, well you guessed it, York and coincidentally a small sweet shop selling Yorkies. Now before you all leave in droves to go check out the latest gossip on facebook as York may be the dullest place on earth based on school excursions and car museums, hear me out; I might just prove that notion wrong….or I might not, you’ll have to read on to find out.

Vintage Bike in York

Vintage Bike in York

So Niki and I headed out for the lonnnnnnnggggggg drive to York, about an hour and half from the city, so by no means a quick drop in and drop out type of town. In fact I think I started seeing signs for the Nullarbor, however the drive was relatively straight forward with not much traffic. York springs up in the middle of a small gully surrounded by hills in the distance and sunburnt farming land (you’d think the farmers would of used SPF 30+). York is one of the first settlements in Western Australia and is a quiet little town with an underlying vibe to the place, a sort of serenity, a sort of when you’re not watching we party like its 1999 feel to it. It has heaps of pubs, funky little hippy stores, interesting antiques shops and friendly café’s where a burger is so big it uses all the animals in the farm make it.

Niki and I enjoyed a delicious lunch at a cafe called LJs, before browsing through the various stores along the main road and finally finding ourselves in the Penny Farthing Sweet shop – where all your Willy Wonker and Umpa Lumpur dreams can come true. Ive always want to burp and fly! The store owner, Mr Wonker, was great! He encouraged us to take heaps of photos and ask as many questions about this old fashion store and antiques with in. Concluding with a purchase of my favourite candy Sherbet Lemons (Sherrrrrbeeetttttt) and a photo of Niki with a very large Lollipop.

York Sweet Shop - Pennyfarthings

York Sweet Shop – Pennyfarthings

York is Guildford without the yuppies – only because the yuppies haven’t worked out how to use their satellite navigation systems to drive their 4WD out there yet. It’s a town where people wave when you pass them in the car, where the police smile and you’re greeted with a friendly hello when you enter a store.

So what’s to do? Well to be honest unless there is an event in town, not a lot. This is heritage tourism at its best and if you like rambling through historic museums, ghost spotting in hospitals or sifting though antiques then this is the place for you. It’s a town that supports the notion of drinking a pint with ya mates and not doing much more except relaxing.  However when an event such as the legendary Jazz festival or classic car racing comes to town, I get the feeling this place loves a good time. There is a backpacker’s hostel in the heart of town with bus services to the city and a local internet cafe. Some type of car or bike is needed to get you out and about out there, especially to see some of the remote heritage sites.  Never fear thou, there is a small place in York which hires out electric bikes to get you to where you want to go if your not driving.

York Antiques

York Antiques

If you fancy a road trip and want to see some of Western Australia best heritage than head to York and perhaps even continue to the town of Beverley further up the road to see another heritage town. York is a great day trip, however I would definitely recommend going when an event is on as it will make it a more livelier experience.  Also keep an eye out for the ghosts at the old hospital – apparently its one of the most haunted sites in Australia.

Side Note Time. Niki and I are off to Bali next week to scout for the wedding. However I promise I won’t let you down and I will visit a tourist site next week before I leave. I thought I could do a Bali Blog, but than thought I’m trying to keep you in Perth not give you an escape route!

Yorkie Chocolate Bar – Not for Girls A random link I found on the way to Yorkie Chocolate – some people and their pets *sigh*