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Upstate New York in Summer

By on Apr 15, 2013 in North America, USA | 0 comments

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Lake George in Upstate New York

Lake George in Upstate New York
Image courtesy of David Berkowitz/

If you are planning an upcoming trip from Australia to America, you may have thought seriously about visiting New York City. This metropolis is one of the biggest cities on the planet, and it is home to some incredible landmarks. Unfortunately, however, it is crowded, and hot and sticky during the summer months. Even the local residents get out of the city whenever possible, and they are usually seeking out the seclusion and peace of Upstate New York. If this sounds like the perfect holiday destination for you this summer, read on for more information on planning your trip and seeing all of the top destinations and attractions.

Planning Your Trip to Upstate New York

One of the key things to remember about Upstate New York in the summer is that accommodation can sell out quickly during peak weeks. Your best bet is to plan ahead and book flights and hotels as early as possible. Since international travel is such a big investment when you are coming all the way from Australia, be sure to spend that little bit extra for travel insurance. This will come in handy if you lose your luggage, have your credit card stolen or run into any other unforeseen problems that could otherwise ruin your holiday. Since it is so easy to find coverage now online, just compare the market for travel insurance and scoop up the best deal you can find. The final thing to remember about planning your trip to Upstate New York is that “Upstate” can mean a lot of different places. In essence, it is all of New York State that lies north of metropolitan New York City.

Lake George

Although Lake George is technically open to the public throughout the year, it is never busier than from June through August. Within a 45 minute drive of both Saratoga Springs and Albany, Lake George is easily accessible and popular both for camping trips, day adventures and full family holidays. Some of the most popular pastimes in and around Lake George include whitewater rafting, parasailing, boating, kayaking, horseback riding and golfing. The famed Million Dollar Beach offers free entry, and there is also an exciting amusement and water park called The Great Escape that appeals to both children and adults.

Thousand Islands

When most travellers think of New York, they don’t imagine a chain of islands. The Thousand Islands, however, are exactly what they sound like. More than 1,700 islands make up the chain close to the American and Canadian Border along the northern part of New York State. There are a number of interesting historical and colonial landmarks, but the real appeal is the opportunity for outdoor recreation. You can swim in the sea, enjoy boat rides to explore many of the uninhabited islands, dine at charming little cafes and stay in cabins overlooking the water. It’s also worth visiting Boldt Castle, which was built in 1900 as a luxurious retreat for a single family and is one of the most opulent buildings in America.

Benton Farmers Market - Upstate New York

Benton Farmers Market – Upstate New York
Image courtesy of Nicholas_T/

Columbia County

This county is primarily rural, which makes it ideal for foodies who love to get their food and wine right from the source. At Old Chatham Sheepherding Company, you can tour a traditional Shaker sheep farm and try their homemade sheep’s milk, yogurt and cheese. There are also several wineries worth a visit, and the number of organic local restaurants is staggering. Whether you want a vegan salad served al fresco or a full seafood feast in a formal setting, towns like Hudson and Kinderhook, both in Columbia County, can provide it for you.


As the capital city of New York, Albany is a bustling destination with lots to see and do throughout the year. In the summer, however, there are tons of free outdoor events and opportunities for recreation. There are free weekly concerts in Empire State Plaza, free plays in Washington Park, the Hudson-River Bikeway that is perfect for walking or cycling and lots of outdoor dining and nightlife. To learn more about the things you can do in this incredible city, visit the official visitor’s website.

There is a lot more to New York than just the Big Apple. If you plan to visit during the summer, seek out as many of these destinations and attractions as possible in Upstate New York.

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