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Give Away: The Travel Project 1000

By on Sep 25, 2012 in Travel Coloumn | 0 comments

The Travel Project is heading towards that big 1000 in the sky on Twitter, 10’000 page views a month and about to crack into the 1,000,000 most viewed website in the world – a milestone of a small but epic proportions for Nic and I. So we thought we would have a little give away to mark the milestone! So here’s how it works: Anyone who follows us on twitter from follower 900 all the way up to 1000 followers (inclusive) will go in the draw to win a brand new copy of one of my favourite books, “The Wrong Way Home” by Peter Moore. An intrepid tale of one man’s travel adventure in the early 90’s as he crosses overland from London to Sydney.  Simple hey? And if you want to enter twice? Well follow us on Facebook as well and boom, you’re on the way to victory! Now we don’t want to forget our loving followers pre 900 – because let’s face it, we wouldn’t be here today without...

Thoughts on India {Preface}

By on Jun 4, 2012 in Travel Coloumn | 0 comments

If I’m honest with you my faithful readers, its taken me a good four months before I could put pen to paper on Niki and I’s time in India, which we visited at the start of the year for our blog series Search For The Forgotten Tree. With the risk of sounding melodramatic and forgive me as it’s a writers privy to do so; however I needed the time to process my experiences. Experiences that left me questioning the world we live in, the west versus east mentality and an experience that ultimately leads me to being rushed through Kuala Lumpur in the back of an Ambulance with suspected Malaria. However that is a story for another day. So in the end, with this creative sabbatical, my writings and hence the Travel Project took a break. The break was needed so that I could process my thoughts which were consumed with India and to decide how to write about a journey that I have no idea how...

Downtime Apology

By on Nov 1, 2011 in Travel Coloumn | 0 comments

Hi All! Just a quick note to apologize for the downtime you might of experienced over the last few days – apparently my server decided it wanted to participate in the occupy Melbourne movement. Whilst I’m all up for democracy and social movements, I’ve asked him to give me a little more notice in future! Cheers Peter

{New Blog Series} India and Sri Lanka: The Search for the Forgotten Tree

By on Oct 25, 2011 in Travel Coloumn | 0 comments

I could think of no better way to start this exciting post than with something Niki just said to me. “Peter I want you to take note of this quote from my book, “not all activities in India involve hauling your arse up a mountain!” So with that read between the lines message given to me with one eyebrow raised and a look in the eye that says my wife hasn’t forgotten out last foray into Vietnam (Hello, Whats Your Name?), Im very excited to announce our latest travel blog series and of course, our next big travel adventure. In just over three weeks Niki and I will be heading off to fabled island of Sri Lanka for six weeks before landing in the mother country of India for a three month off the beaten track experience and to dig deep into the roots of Niki’s family tree. Our trip is inspired by Niki’s grandparents who migrated from India to Australia in...

Move, Eat, Learn – The Most Inspiring Short Travel Films

By on Oct 14, 2011 in Travel Coloumn | 0 comments

Move, Eat, Learn In my opinion, three of the most inspiring short travel films to be produced. Don’t forget to show the amazingly talented  Rick Mereki some love on Vimeo for the awesome work!     Which movie is your favorite? Drop us a comment below to tell us...

My Favourite Books To Read Whilst Travelling in South East Asia

By on Aug 2, 2011 in Travel Coloumn | 0 comments

I’m a bit of a book hound and nothing rivals the comfort of a good book whilst stuck in the back of a Bemo traversing through the backwaters of South East Asia. A decent travel book can make the tedious hours of travelling fly by or even distract you from the oncoming truck baring down on you as your crazy driver chats on his phone whilst completing an overtaking maneuver on a blind corner (hello to all my readers out there about to take the road to Sapa!). So with that in mind I wanted to share with you five inspiring books that I have read on the road, that have not only offered me a great read, but also stopped me from losing my marbles in South East Asia. Mr Nice by Howard Marks This great read is a popular book along the South East Asian backpacker route and is often a conversational point of many drinking sessions – is he good or is he bad? This autobiography follows...