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Tiger Tiger Cafe

By on Apr 4, 2011 in Western Australia | 0 comments

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My husband and I have a bit of a ritual going on. Every week, (usually Tuesdays because we both have the day off) we head down to a cafe for a coffee meeting. It’s a time to discuss our week gone, organise our week ahead and to just generally chat and engage with each other over coffee. Sure we chat and engage at home every other day of the week, but setting aside a designated time for a ‘meeting’ ensures we make time to sit down and talk (and more importantly listen) to each other.


Tiger Tiger Cafe, Perth

Tiger Tiger Cafe, Perth


This Tuesday saw us head into Perth to Tiger Tiger Coffee Bar for our weekly coffee meeting.

Tiger Tiger is located down a cobbled laneway off Murray Street (near the corner of King Street). After a short walk down the alley we entered the cafe and found friendly staff asking to take our order. “Two  Latte’s, a bowl of Cinnamon porridge with fruit compote and warm soy milk on the side and 2 slices of Fruit toast thank you”. “Coming right up!”. The coffee’s were made then and there and all in the time it took me to pay. We grabbed a table outside in the lane way for our alfresco breakfast and opened our meeting. The coffee was excellent (as was the conversation)! Some of the  best Coffee I’ve found in Perth so far. ‘Magic’ even. Smooth, perfect strength, great flavour, perfect temperature and importantly good quality soy milk used. Yummy! And then the breakfasts arrived! The Fruit toast looked and smelled amazing – thick fruit and nut toast with melting butter, but the clear winner of menu envy was the Cinnamon Porridge – a winter warmer nourishing for the soul (not exactly winter weather yet here in Perth)!


Tiger Tiger Laneway Cafe

Tiger Tiger Laneway Cafe


I noticed on glancing at their business card that they serve Champagne from 7am. I rather fancy a champagne breakfast in a cobbled laneway, don’t you?

The Barista and owner says via the website “tiger, tiger is about consistently great coffee. What I love about the world of coffee is there is soooo much to always learn and there’s a few ways you can choose to do it when you have your own venue. It’s definitely part art, part technology with a huge dose of passion. That’s why having Jackson on the team is such a blessing because like me, he’s really passionate about making coffee. I still get as excited today as I did ten years ago when I get on the machine. Every cup is a challenge and there always has to be a measure of concentration (even after all this time) that engages you. I think you build your business on consistency and it is our aim that you enjoy all aspects of the tiger experience…coffee, food and atmosphere.

Peter at Tiger Tiger Cafe, Perth

Peter at Tiger Tiger Cafe, Perth (Last Winter)


Overall it was a very pleasurable coffee experience with a great character and ambiance that took me back to my some of my favourite Cafe’s in Melbourne. I hear the wine list there is non too shabby either. Note to self: must head back to Tiger Tiger for Friday night drinks…