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The Best Coffee in Perth

By on Jun 1, 2011 in Western Australia | 0 comments

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“It’s a big call I know, but as a serious coffee connoisseur I can say the search is over. The best brown drop in Perth may have been found…”

Oxford 130 quote

Oxford 130 quote



It belongs to that of Oxford 130, a funky little cafe that has long been established among locals and Perth’s die-hard coffee devotee’s alike. Located on Oxford Street in Leederville this cafe and its staff are dedicated to blending the perfect brew. Forget the recent trend of polished cafes with menu’s so long they confuse, this place is all about ‘the coffee’. They do however offer a small menu of simple but great breakfasts and yummy handmade cakes. The thick sourdough toast is a must!

This small but comfortable cafe lines its walls with both old and new gig posters, providing a interesting aesthetic but also offering an education on the headline acts that have passed through and entertained Perth over the years. You could spend the whole day lost in the walls of this place. It’s a great cafe to spend a morning losing time with a coffee in hand.

Nestled amongst the gig posters you’ll find the cafe’s motto on coffee proudly painted next to the Barista’s, which really proves their passion for their craft:

Few beverages are are as intoxicating, heartwarming and utterly satisfying as a steaming cup of hot freshly made coffee. There is the flavour, the stimulation and the colour. There is the body and point, sharpness and above all the aroma. Preserving the fragrance and the fleeting aroma is what good coffee is all about, and the secret as all the pundits often repeat, lies in the word ‘fresh’ = freshly roasted, freshly ground, freshly madeOxford 130.

So impressed with Soy Lattes at Oxford 130 I refer to them as ‘magic coffee’. But even great coffee aside, this cafe is a great place to sit and ponder, work on your novel or grab a window seat and people watch as the ‘cool kids’ of Leederville wander by…