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A Sneak Peek

By on Nov 13, 2012 in Travel Coloumn | 0 comments

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Over the last couple of months you might have noticed my travel posts have slowed down on the Travel Project. First up, I’m still writing, still travelling and still enjoying being part of this awesome travel blogging community. However I’ve been working on a brand new project which I wanted to share with you today. A project that I’m hoping will bring Travel Bloggers from all around the world to the forefront of travel content.

A couple of months back I was searching for posts on Oman. I noticed when searching Google that I found it really hard just to find all the travel blogging posts relating to this Middle Eastern Country. Either the posts weren’t SEO’d very well and never appeared, or the giants like TripAdvisor and Lonely Planet had monopolized it so well that I would have to start heading to page three and four.

I visited a few of my favourite blogs, however found nothing – Oman is a bit of a random destination I suppose. So it got me thinking, “how could I search every blog in the world at once?” And what if there was a way to bring the worlds blogs together for the benefit of our growing profession? One giant collaborative sharing program. As individual bloggers we may struggle to stand out (especially considering over 1 million travel posts are released daily) however collectively we could be a force to be reckoned with.

With all this in mind, I set to work designing a new platform that I believe will bring travel bloggers to the party – allowing us to compete with the likes of the big travel sites for the better of our profession and for more visibility.

It wouldn’t matter if you couldn’t write SEO content, you only posted once a week or if you have 10  followers – as every post would be just as important as another. I wanted to provide a platform for the world to find our travel posts. I also thought that as Bloggers represent the BEST and most honest source of information, readers will be rewarded with content that isn’t outdated or full of PR rubbish!


So I want to introduce to you our new site – Trip’inion.  The site is not live yet and still in Beta, however as of this afternoon I will be begin taking our first fifty signups into the beta program ready for the initial launch in the coming month. I’ve offered this first on the travel project, as many of the people who read this site have great blogs in my opinion, are valuable members of the travel community and I would love you all to be part of this. You know all those times when a site starts up and you wished you were part of it right at the start – well this is one those moments!

If you’re interested, head over to to find out how it works and if you’re still keen, just hit the signup button. Please feel free to share this post and thanks for all your support.