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Going Gluten Free in Dubai

By on Sep 29, 2012 in slider, United Arab Emirates | 0 comments

A quick post today for those of you out there who have a gluten allergy (including Niki) and want to know what gluten free options are available in Dubai. Niki and I recently did a short stopover in the Emirates and after having failed to find any information about eating Gluten Free in Dubai online, we decided to do a little research on the ground. And we are very pleased to inform you that there are some good gluten free options available in this modern city.   Niki and I stumbled across arguably your best sources of gluten free and free-from foods in Dubai at two supermarkets. The first gluten free supermarket is the Organic Market and it is located on the Lower Ground Floor of the giant Dubai Mall. The Organic Market, with its three aisles dedicated to Anti Gluterians, has arguably a better selection than Sainsbury’s or Woolworth’s back home. The gluten free selection includes ready to eat meals/snacks, frozen goodies and a range of ingredients in case you were planning on doing any cooking whilst traveling. The rest of the Organic Market is comprised of Free From Foods including dairy and sugar free, Health Supplements and a small cafe. The cafe, which specializes in Middle Eastern fare, is a little pricey however the staff were knowledgeable and most of the buffet was gluten free. So not only did Niki get to enjoy the local delicacies, she got to so without making herself ill!   Another option we found was Spinneys, a large international supermarket with 31 outlets across Dubai. Whilst not particularly a gluten free specific outlet, it does have a huge international range of food and beverages. So if you know your brands, food and ingredients, you will be able to find a good selection of foods that are gluten free. If you don’t have time to shop at the street souqs (market), there is plenty of fresh produce here as well. Finally, and I’ll be honest with you as we didn’t find a lot of information on this, there are some gluten free options in the street markets as well. From delicious falafels dipped in Houmous, to the old safe bet of hot chips. We mentioned Niki’s gluten intolerance to a local Kebab Vendor in the Gold Souq thinking that he would have no idea what we were talking about, and low and behold he brought us an off the menu plate of freshly cooked chips, salad and falafels. So it’s always worth asking! Best of luck with your travels to Dubai and if you find any other great restaurants or supermarkets that are gluten free, please leave a comment below with the...