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Semana Santa, Granada {Photo Junket}

By on Apr 10, 2011 in Spain | 0 comments

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Semana Santa, Grenada Spain

Semana Santa Granada, Spain


Easter is upon us once again and I couldn’t help but let my mind wandered back to the two weeks that I spent travelling through Southern Spain and the humbling experience of witnessing the Semana Santa in Granada and Seville. I wandered back to when…

We jumped off our bus into the centre of Granada and with our heavy packs on we ventured off into the hot humid evening, towards the sounds of the trumpets and drums. Our hostel was in this direction and as we dodged, ducked, weaved, tripped, pushed, be pushed, kicked, screamed, laughed, sweated, choked, sneezed, scratched, and clawed our way through the crowds, I couldn’t help but think this was the running of bulls instead of Semana Santa. I felt like sticking a sign on my back – “Wide Load”. I even got to the point of making beeping sounds when I was walking backwards. As we got closer to the centre, the sounds of trumpets and other brass instruments were getting louder, pulsating and wooing us as if some type of chant has taken control. People were starting to line the roads as we got closer, eating bird seeds and placing their children on top of their shoulders. We could feel the anticipation and eagerness in the air; I couldn’t help but think or perhaps plea silently, that we must be close by now.

Then just as we thought we were nearly there, a man in a tall pointed hooded cloak with only slits to show his eyes glided passed us. The shock that came over Niki and I was mesmerising, slightly eerie and threatening yet I couldn’t pull my eyes away. This was a man of god, a member of a brotherhood who by wearing this symbol of anonymity was saying that only God will know his true identity and this is a showing of his faith. The cloak was a deep midnight black with a high pointed hood which made him look over 6ft high. He had no shoes as a sign of faith and carried a staff made of candle wax which burned a slow lingering flame upon the top of it. For those 30 seconds of mesmerisation I was surrounded by quietness in my mind.

I hope you enjoy the photos from my  travels below.

Samana Santa Candle, Spain

Burning Candle at Semana Santa, Spain


Semana Santa Brotherhood Member

Semana Santa Brotherhood Member


Semana Santa Gathering in Grenada, Spain

Semana Santa Gathering in Granada, Spain


Semana Santa Seville, Spain

Semana Santa Seville, Spain


Semana Santa Grenada, Spain

Semana Santa Granada, Spain

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