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“I think we should plan a holiday”

By on Oct 22, 2012 in Travel Coloumn | 0 comments

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This morning at breakfast, Niki said the magic words: ‘I think we should plan a holiday”. After the initial dance around the room in a Gangnam style pony trot (I know you’ve tried it), my mind then turns to the destination. Oh the possibilities! My mind wanders to Kenya, Iceland or even the Philippines. I think of daring adventures, mountains to climb, food to try and the crazy shit that’s going to happen to me as I go travelling.

Instantly my brain goes into overload and I start thinking of all the amazing places that we could travel to. Then a little voice pops up and like most husbands, I start wondering what I can get away with here? Does she mean a romantic week in the Victorian Alps or could I persuade her to do some insane trekking in Nepal? This is dangerous territory for any man – play it right and I could be off on an epic adventure, play it wrong and I’m going to be hauled into some spa resort in Daylesford saying “I don’t think it’s a good idea to be waxing there!”

It then gets even better! Niki confirms my inner most desires, “Let’s leave Victoria” she says. At this point I’m dancing two  legged cow hind style (think gravy boat ad) to “I like the way you move”, all whilst declaring that she is the love of my life. This is it, a new project for me to think about!

Weighing up my options, I decided to offer a small selection of countries that would be suitable for our relaxing adventure: Antarctica, Cuba or Argentina. Just before I get them out Niki thoughtfully says “I’ve heard Tasmania is good this time of year”……insert an awkward silence here…….before continuing on and saying “Yeah its cheap, off the mainland, and you’ll love it Peter.” Falling off my Gangnam pony, which had stopped mid routine. I coughed, apologized, and questioned if I have misheard  as “I thought you said Tasmania?” I hadn’t heard wrong.

Back tracking, I could see my epic plans fall before my eyes and not to mention the waxing pain coming my way.  I needed to make her idea sound great yet give her a real viable alternative – New Zealand. My first pitch was “Tasmania is nice, but hey lets go to New Zealand instead, they have hobbits!” Niki gave me a deep intense look that questioned my sanity, before shooting me down in a glorious ball of flames. Epic fail on my behalf for thinking that I could persuade her with my geekiness.

Mumbling under my breathe something along the lines of “you might of won the battle…”,  I asked her to leave it with me under the premise of going away to cost Tasmania up. Hopefully buying myself some time for my second attempt at persuasion. I wonder how much flights to New Zealand cost…..

What do you think – Tasmania or New Zealand? Lets us know below