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The Place Where Butterflies Come to Die, Sri Pada

By on Feb 17, 2012 in Sri Lanka | 0 comments

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Sri Lanka's First Light

Sri Lanka’s First Light

Legend would have you believe that this is the place where butterflies come to die. Whilst devout Buddhists believe that this is the site that Buddha himself ventured forth into the afterlife, where as readers of the Bible believe this is where Adam set forth upon the earth. Whatever your view, witnessing a sunrise upon the summit of Sri Pada or Adam’s Peak as it is also known by, will remain with you for a lifetime. Sri Pada is at an achievable height of 2243 metres in the hill country of Sri Lanka and during the pilgrimage season (December to March), thousands of devotees ascend to the small monastery perched upon the summit. The monastery houses the footprint of Buddha and is an important place that many Sri Lankans travel to yearly. The climb is about three hours and passes by raging waterfalls, small tea houses and harrowing views of the deep valleys below.  It all concludes with a juxtaposition of watching the sky turn from millions of stars into the pastel colours of the sun rising over Sri Lanka.

The stunning sunrise over Sri Lanka from Sri Pada

The stunning sunrise over Sri Lanka from Sri Pada


Sri Pada's shadow, a perfect pyramid!

Sri Pada’s shadow, a perfect pyramid!


A perfect sunrise over Adam's Peak.....just beautiful

A perfect sunrise over Adam’s Peak…..just beautiful


View from Sri Pada Summit

View from Sri Pada Summit


Halfway up Sri Pada

Halfway up Sri Pada


Adam's Peak from Dalhousie, Sri Lanka

Adam’s Peak from Dalhousie, Sri Lanka


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