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Photo of the Week: Cycling in Amsterdam

By on Apr 18, 2011 in The Netherlands | 0 comments

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Cycling in Amsterdam

Cycling in Amsterdam


I’ve chosen to share this photograph I shot in Amsterdam as our Photo of the Week, as it instantly floods me with memories when ever I see it. This photograph was taken during a trip to Amsterdam in the cold winter months. It was a nippy day, yet sunny and still. Peter and I had just enjoyed a warming lunch of pancakes at a great local cafe and were strolling along the canals and charming  lane-ways.

What I love most about Amsterdam is the Dutch sense of style. I love that the streets are always full of locals riding around town on their bicycles looking so effortlessly cool, creating a unique atmosphere.  Amsterdam to me isn’t all about the drugs and partying, if you step off the well trodden path, you’ll get the chance to experience a truly unique city pulsating with culture, history, art and style.


Amsterdam Canals

Beautiful Amsterdam


Floating Artwork in Amsterdam

Floating Artwork in Amsterdam Canals

Seedy Amsterdam

Seedy Amsterdam, The Other Side!

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