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A Guide to Comfortable Air Travel

By on Jul 2, 2011 in Travel Advice | 0 comments

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There is a certain knack to travelling comfortably when flying. Air travel (especially in cattle class) can be a long, uncomfortable, claustrophobic, dehydrating and sometimes a socially awkward ordeal, however follow these simple  travel mantras and your flight may actually be an enjoyable part of your trip.

Flying can be cramped and uncomfortable - like this flight in Borneo

Flying can be cramped and uncomfortable - like this flight in Borneo


What to wear?

Between over-heated airport terminals and ice cold air-conditioners on board your aircraft, it’s often difficult to plan what to wear as it needs to survive changes in temperature, the dreaded metal detectors and avoid that crumpled look whilst sleeping on the plane. I always find that layering is the way to go for dressing for air travel. Include something light for the warmer terminals and a warmer layer to keep you warm and comfortable on the plane. Avoid wearing metal e.g. clasps  as it can set off the metal detectors on check in. Also avoid wearing belts or lace up boots as you may be asked to remove them before approaching the detectors (just ask Peter who was almost had his pants around his ankles after being asked to remove his belt and shoes at Gatwick airport in London!). I swear by either wearing or packing a Pashmina scarf or a jumper into my hand luggage to use as an extra layer, a blanket or rolled up as a pillow. Also slip on shoes are handy to slide on and off during the flight – especially when your feet begin to swell!

Comfortable Flying

Being prepared


What to pack in your carry on luggage

Bario Airport, Borneo

Final tips