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My Five Favourite Australian Tourism Adverts

By on Jun 24, 2013 in Australia, Travel Coloumn | 0 comments

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Having worked in travel and tourism here in Australia for the past fifteen years, I have always enjoyed when a new Australian tourism advert is launched. The campaigns often spark debate and with every launch, I wait with bated breathe to see if the marketers do Australia the promotional  justice it deserves.

Over the years there have been some fantastic campaigns that have shown off Australia in all its glory and then, there was “Where the bloody hell are you?” – lets just forget about that one shall we?  An effective campaign can not only evoke emotion within us and a sense of curiosity, however ultimately it persuades us to holiday in one destination over another. So I wanted to share with you my five favorite Australian Tourism adverts from over the last three decades that for one reason or another, have left a lasting impression on me and makes me proud to call Australia home.


Say Hello Campaign


The Red Centre


I Still Call Australia Home


You’ll Never Know, If You Never Go


There’s Nothing Like Australia


Which one is your favourite or do you prefer one that I haven’t mentioned? Let us know below.