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Borough Market in London {Photo Junket}

By on Aug 5, 2012 in United Kingdom | 0 comments

“Oh food, Magical food, Wonderful food, Marvellous food, Fabulous food, Glorious fooooooood!” was the joyous tune on rerun through my mind as I wandered through the tasty Borough Food Market in London. The Borough Market is a favourite amongst celebrity chefs and locals alike, with a massive selection of local produce and tantalizing gourmet delicacies. Found under the London Bridge Rail Bridges, this market is a short walk south of the Thames in the Bermondsey area and only a few minutes walk from London Bridge Station. From organic sausages to the worlds best brownies, from that perfect bit of lamb for your Sunday roast to blow your socks off cider, as well as everything in between. London Borough Market is easily the best place to spend a Saturday morning, drinking a long coffee and finding those perfect ingredients for a picnic by the Thames. A few highlights of mine: Monmouth coffee is arguably the best in London and not to mention the longest queue; there’s some excellent gluten free options towards the back of the market and the meringue towers will leave you wishing you were in Charlies Candy Mountain. I hope you enjoy these photos and if you’re in London don’t forget to gorge yourself silly because it will leave you wanting “more”…                   Have you been to London Borough Markets? If so, we’d love to hear below what your favorite food was. Mine was easily the huge meringues and the yummy creme caramel pots for...