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Etiquette Guide for Visiting Ethnic Villages in South East Asia

By on Sep 18, 2012 in Travel Advice | 0 comments

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Visiting indigenous communities is undoubtedly a highlight of anyone’s adventures whilst travelling through the backwaters of South East Asia. The opportunity to experience authentic cultures, traditions and lifestyles of the many first nations of the region is an eye opening and sometimes life changing event. However with the push of tourism into these regions, lack of indigenous control and money hungry governments keen to take control, ethnic communities often become just objects to be photographed rather than be engaged in a sustainable approach to tourism. With help from a guide I read in Vietnam produced by the  local Hmong and information from the Karen in Thailand, here is an etiquette guide  for responsibly visiting an ethnic village on your next adventure.

Karen Hilltribe, Chang Mai Thailand

Karen Hilltribe, Chang Mai


I hope these tips are of some help and I’m sure they will help you to experience a more authentic, responsible and engaging adventure when you next travel to South East Asia.