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{New Blog Series} India and Sri Lanka: The Search for the Forgotten Tree

By on Oct 25, 2011 in Travel Coloumn | 0 comments

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I could think of no better way to start this exciting post than with something Niki just said to me. “Peter I want you to take note of this quote from my book, “not all activities in India involve hauling your arse up a mountain!”

India Blog Series

So with that read between the lines message given to me with one eyebrow raised and a look in the eye that says my wife hasn’t forgotten out last foray into Vietnam (Hello, Whats Your Name?), Im very excited to announce our latest travel blog series and of course, our next big travel adventure. In just over three weeks Niki and I will be heading off to fabled island of Sri Lanka for six weeks before landing in the mother country of India for a three month off the beaten track experience and to dig deep into the roots of Niki’s family tree.

Our trip is inspired by Niki’s grandparents who migrated from India to Australia in the 1950’s.  Learning recently that Niki’s family has amazing stories of opulent Raj’s, famous Lieutenant-colonel’s of the East India Company as well as survivors’ of shipwreck’s, we hope to trace some of these inspiring and tragic moments in history. Taking the opportunity to visit the places that have lined the photographs of her grandparents walls over their lifetime. Our adventure will be like our own version of Who Do You think You Are?

For me, this is a time to consolidate the last three years of studying for my degree. In just a few more weeks this all comes to an end. After nine years of studying on and off, my tourism degree will finally be in my pocket. I don’t know if you heard that, but that was the world’s biggest sigh of relief. I have been pondering  for a while about what should happen next. Should I get a job and start climbing the career ladder? Should I settle down, buy a house, acquire 2.3 kids and have a animal that resembles a dog? Should I torture myself even more and complete my honors? Should I start up an enterprise called bookface plus? Or should I go after a child hood dream of visiting India?

In the past when situations have arisen similar to this I have ultimately chosen the road less travelled and somehow I have always ended up exactly where I want to be – happy! When asking Niki what she wants to do next year, she inevitably shouts at me “travel, travel, travel” as she runs out the door to work. So with a clear goal in mind, its time to travel again! One last hoorah of an unadulterated travelling adventure before I settle down for some  career building. Niki and I will be leaving Perth in late November after graduation, travelling from Perth to India via Sri Lanka. We will spend three months experiencing two of the most amazing cultures the world has to offer. We will blog, vlog and photograph our way through these adventures, giving everyone the information needed to do it yourself and hopefully inspire travellers to get off that packaged tour!

I’m also really excited about travelling more sustainably and genuinely cant wait to see how different operators around Sri Lanka and India are adopting ethical tourism programs. At the heart of this is the chance for Niki and I to visit destinations that are legendary on the travel circuit as well as pivotal societies of the world we live in.

So with that, let the planning begin…


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