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And Then There Was Man Flu…

By on Jul 9, 2009 in Victoria | 0 comments

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It’s cruel, it’s unbearable, it’s MAN FLU!

Forget global warming, forget starvation amongst the masses or global pandemics of piggy flu infecting the world and of course hold the phone, for I have the flu! It could possibly be the end of me; you know being the strong, young healthy male that I am.

Now I’m generally not one to over hype how I feel, however when I told my partner of  my symptoms, my achy chest, my itchy eyes, my sorey throat and my icky tongue, she turned to me and said “It’s man flu, get over it”. Now would a single bit of her attention have gone astray, a little “oh diddums let me make you better” type of response? No it wouldn’t have, it would of been accepted with open arms and love! Her first response thou, exactly same as one of her girlfriends, was cruel, sexist and presumptuous. Yes I know my symptoms sounded childish but never the less I felt yucky. So I laid there thinking that’s fine, next time she has a little PMS, my simple response will be “It’s woman flu”! Yes I understand that once I say this, my man parts will be chopped off so quickly that my Man flu will seem nothing worse than a paper cut, however the look on her face would be priceless.

So as I lay here with man flu now controlling my body, feeling too sick to move from bed and enjoying being a man too much to even think about telling her she has “woman flu”. I think, perhaps I might be too quick to say I’m sick, at least I can read a map book without turning it upside down thou!