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About The Travel Project

The Travel Project’s story starts on one barmy night in Athens at a pumping hostel rooftop bar where a boy meets a girl. In one insane night involving too much alcohol, the best souvlaki of their lives, some ravenous dogs and a thrilling police chase through the Acropolis, it all collimated back at the hostel with the meeting of Barnsy. Both realising the amazing night that had unfolded before them, the boy and girl swapped emails addresses before bidding good night to each other. With two hours of the sleep the boy boarded a bus to the island of Zante whilst the girl continued her travel to Santorini, both wondering if the night before had really happened and if their paths would ever cross again?

Two months later back in London, the boy had fallen back into his daily routine until he received an email….the girl from Athens was in London for 24 hours before moving to Edinburgh, did he want to catch up? The boy who had premier league tickets arranged to meet up with her after the game, however running over two hours late to the time he had suggested, he had little hope that the girl would still be there. To the boys surprise, the girl had waited!

Two more months later, after the girl decided that Edinburgh was too cold, boy and girl moved in together in London. Once living together, they planned amazing adventures and off the beaten experiences around Europe. Their first trip would be to Spain and to the Islamic infused city of Granada to where their dream, The Travel Project, would be born. Having witnessed countless travellers live and die by their guide books, and too many people believing organised travel was the only way to travel, they started thinking of a way to provide unique information that would inspire and encourage people to travel independently.  There The Travel Project, amongst other dreams, begun its days in note pads, scribbles, drawings and long conversations.

Two years later, after boy married girl, The Travel Project has found a home in Australia and with some inspiring adventures on the table, things are just getting started…

Boy A.K.A. Peter Clay

Peter is a well travelled tourism professional and has worked in the tourism and travel industry for over ten years in the UK, Indonesia and Australia. Having worked in a range of industries including wholesale, commercial, cruise, aviation as well as tourism development projects, he is well positioned to comment on a wide range of aspects in travel. Peter has travelled to over 30 countries independently and in 2011 completed his Tourism Degree with a double major in ecotourism and tourism. Say hi at Google+

Girl A.K.A. Niki Curtis

Hailing from Melbourne, Niki thrives on culture, arts, originality, food and the elixir of life, which she also calls coffee. Niki is our photographer, creative director and our medic in the field. As a nurse and midwife, her knowledge on safe and healthy travel is well grounded – which is handy as boy gets into lots of mischief whilst on the road. Niki has independently drunk coffee in over 26 countries and fiercely argues that Melbourne still has the best drop.

Niki and I are committed to sustainable travel and to the establishment of an ethical travel media platform based on solid research. All reviews expressed are our own and we don’t take payments or kick backs to endorse a product (the exception being advertising spaces which are clearly marked – hey we need dinner too). If we rave about a hostel, cafe or tour feel comforted to know that its because as travellers, we think it is a great valued product that met our expectations and hopefully yours.