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A Long Road to No Trees

By on Sep 18, 2009 in Victoria | 0 comments

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Fowlers Bay, South Australia

Fowlers Bay, South Australia

Five months of sitting around in Melbourne, studying externally and psycho psychotic weather has led Niki and I to the conclusion that a sea change is order. With comments of “you wont make it”, “your stupid”, “your car is crap” and “why the hell would you want to go there!” – We have packed the car and set off to travel to Perth.

Our route will take us through Ballarat to Adelaide, stoping in the city of churches for a day. Before heading onto steaky sorry streaky bay, for a relaxed overnight stay before attempting the very long, treeless landscape of the Nullarbor. Apparently it can be seen from space, why anyone would be looking there from space is another question. Following onto Western Australia and to our new home…

Our little red car (Niki has affectionately named Chilli) is fully loaded like a Mexican drug trafficker – gear put in every nook, cranny and hole that we can find. I’ve always wanted a car that sat that low to the ground! So as of 5am Saturday morning we are on the road again exploring the great central landscape and people of Australia. This should be an eye opener…