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My 7 Links – Blogging Lessons Learned

By on Aug 1, 2011 in Travel Coloumn | 0 comments

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A few weeks back I was humbled to receive a nomination by the friendly travel bloggers over at Idelish for the My 7 Links Project – An epic shout out to those guy at Idelish and if you haven’t had the chance to check out their site, it’s well worth it. Now for those unaware of the My 7 Links Project, it’s a great blogging concept that allows us bloggers to take a look back over our content under seven different categories, which you’ll read more about in a moment. I’ve been blogging for just over two years now and can say in hindsight it’s been both a challenging and rewarding experience. If someone back then had said to me that ‘blogging was like flossing your teeth whilst using an Asian squat toilet for the first time’, I would of laughed them off suggesting that anyone can blog. But I was wrong! Blogging is harder than I first thought and finding unique, interesting content on a daily basis that readers love mixed with consistency is a challenging task. So with that in mind, I wanted to take this opportunity not only to look back at my posts, but also on the lessons I’ve learned along the way and hopefully be able to share with you some pointers on my successes and of course, epic failures.

Also before I continue, here are my five blogger nominations – love your blogs!

Most beautiful post…

The Nullarbor Plain – Photo Junket

Lesson Learned: Eye catching photos, well written content and true off the beaten track destinations leads to epic success. So in short – write unique content! This is the type of post that blog writers love to write because readers latch onto it and send it viral.

A lonely outback fuel pump

I have to confess, Niki took these amazing photos during our trip across Australia. I wish I could lay claim to them though as they really are breathtaking. This post was also a top contender for most popular post and was stumbled by over 1200 people in 30 minutes and continues to grow well after it’s release date. Besides the images, I also felt the write up was beautifully crafted to catch the essence of the Nullarbor, a barron wasteland…Read More

Most popular post…

Flying With Strategic Airlines

Lesson Learned: Find a niche topic that people urgently need information for and write a post. I did this by accident, however a new airline needed a review and before I knew it I was a major source for people searching for Strategic Airlines content.

Strategic Airlines

This post was a pleasant surprise and a post that just happened to be timed well when Strategic Airlines were building their reputation. It really is a great airline to fly with to Bali with and I hope a lot more budget airlines take note… Read More

Most controversial post

Dachau Memorial Camp

Lesson learned: It’s all about the voice behind your writing. With this post I learned that you can talk about any controversial topic as long as you develop a voice of respect that reflects the destination as much as the content. Also don’t be afraid to write your personal thoughts, this is why we write after all, to share a part of ourselves with our readers.

Dachau Memorial Camp, Munich Germany

Whilst I don’t usually write controversial articles or at least not in the eyes of my readers, I was in two minds whether or not to release this post due to the nature of the content and its concept as a tourism ‘attraction’. However I felt that I wanted to share my experience at Dachau and provide information for people who are weighing up the choice to visit or not…Read More

Most helpful post…

The Perth Bucketlist

Lesson Learned: People love lists! Whilst I like to use them sparingly, nothing says it more simpler and straight to the point than in dot form – which readers love.

The City of Perth, Western Australia

I’m not a huge bucketlist fan, however when I put this post together it was more a personal list of things to do guide in Perth because I was struggling to find inspiration – and apparently so is most of the people in Perth based on my stats. Its basically a big list of attractions to do if you get stuck for ideas in Perth, which is always popular around school holiday time. Read More

A post’s success which surprised me

Nha Trang to Ho Chi Minh City

Lesson learned: This will sound corny, however share your experiences from the heart – readers can tell the difference between a real experience and an article written from just research. Readers are often searching for reality and what an experience is really like first hand – in this case my train trip in Vietnam was a long and tedious venture!

Nha Trang Train
The reality of travel is always funnier than fiction as I found out in Vietnam. From the post: ‘It had been one of those mornings as I sat in reflection on a dingy train bound to Ho Chi Minh City. Running out of money that morning when I had tried to check out of my hotel, and then spending 10 minutes frantically dashing around the various ATM’s in Nha Trang. All whilst knowing I had less than 15 minutes until my train departed. Now as I looked down in my not so comfortable seat, I could see…Read More
A post that needed more love than it received…

The Monks of Luang Prabang

Lesson Learned: Avoid travel stereotypes. I think today’s travellers are more engaged in their destinations and want to seek deeper interaction, satisfaction and understanding relating to travel content. If they want stereotypes, they can get a brochure…

Luang Prabang Monks in Laos

I was really disappointed with the lack of attention towards this post at the time, the monks of Luang Prabang deserved so much more love – after all they’re monks! This post was colourful, iconic and soooo travel cliche which in hindsight could only lead to epic failure. Read More

Post I’m most proud of…

The Vietnam Conclusion

Lesson Learned: Sometimes you have to write for yourself. Forget the audience or the advertising and just do it for you own pleasure. I loved writing this post and I didn’t care if it was a hit or not – that’s the privilege of being a blogger.

Vietnam Painting, Ho Chi Minh City

My favourite post and one that I personally enjoy to read for my own enjoyment. For me it sums up my adventure through Vietnam, provides a story to the beginning of my marriage with Niki and lets me reflect on the inspiring destination that is Vietnam. Read more